WeMints a better crypto coin

How to prosper with WeMints

1. Buy / Swap WeMints.

You can buy WeMints on Uniswap right now. WeMints (WEM) are pegged to USD / NFTs Ref: 0x6E1aDc61b843aAd33b1ff0d6F1ABaf2D49fB31a6

2. Get Bonus WeMints.

Everytime you buy an NFT on WeMints, you own the NFT plus you get WeMints. For every $1 spent you get equivalent in WeMints (WEM)

3. Earn WeMints Now.

List your art or collectible now, selling on WeMints is easy. We mint & sell your NFT. For every $1 listed you get equivalent in WeMints (WEM)

WeMints Cascade

WeMints is a fair launched DeFi token deployed on the ethereum blockchain, WEM price is pegged to the USD and supported by the value of NFTs. Every NFT sale is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

WeMints DeFi Protocol Is Innovative… 6% Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn are carried out on each trade, thereby promoting long buy and hold positions and value appreciation.


Are you ready to take off?

Click on Buy WeMints Now / Get Bonus WeMints / Earn WeMints Now and you’re on your way! If you need more information on WeMints coins, NFTs, wallets, buying, selling or trading, check out our About WeMints section.