WeMints NFT Vault

WeMints is an NFT asset-backed DeFi Token.

WeMints buys art and collectibles to mint and store them in the WeMints NFT Vault. As the value of NFTs grow, so does the value of the WeMints token.

WeMints NFT vault

WeMints owns exclusive NFT rights. Artists, creators and sellers maintain ownership of their work.

WeMints nft special editions

WeMints acts as a utility token that can be redeemed for native "special edition" NFT releases.

WeMints buys right to mint the art and collectible

WeMints provides decentralized credit - when individuals accept one another's credit they create local liquidity and prosper.

WeMints Decentralized Credit Economy

WeMints offers an alternative to centrally issued cash, stable coins and utility coins.

WeMints constitutes a fair launched DeFi Token Protocol.

Three unique functions
occur during each trade:

Reflection -
5% is reflected
to all holders for passive income

LP Acquisition -
5% is added to a liquidity pool

Burn -
A burn wallet receives a portion
of the reflections to never
to be seen again.

See what people are saying about WeMints

"I built up a portfolio worth $70,000 USD with WeMints, just by uploading my art. I'm still amazed how quickly it went."
Rebecca Jackson
"Excellent way to market my work. I recommend WeMints to any one who wants to make things happen in the NFT world."
Max Beaulieu
"I tried selling my NFTs on different platforms, without success, on WEMINTS it just sells."
Amir Bakir
"Works for me. Pretty sure it'll work for you too."
Joshua Leonard
Dark Artist