WeMints is an innovative NFT marketplace powered by WEM a fair launched DeFi market token.
WEM price is based on the USD, supported by the fair value of NFTs and designed to maximize NFT sales and liquidity.

 The Future Of Art Is Here.

At WeMints, you can buy, sell and finance your NFT projects.

Click on Buy WEM Buy / Finance NFTsSell / Finance NFTs and you’re on your way!

If you need more information on WeMints coins, NFTs, wallets, buying, selling or trading, check out our About Us section.

To The Moon!
Maximum growth using NFT value, the WeMints (WEM) token is community driven, with 6% reflection, LP acquisition and burn carried out on each trade.


WeMints Cascade

The WeMints Marketplace.
Buy, Sell, Finance NFTs. Every NFT sale on the WeMints Marketplace is automatically added to the WEM liquidity pool, promoting buy and hold positions – creating steady value and opportunities for artists, collectors and token holders.

Money For Art – Gala.

Major endorsements to be announced on WeMints online gala night. Prizes and bursaries will be awarded for promising artists and more… stay tuned.

How To Start:

1. Buy / Swap / Trade

You can swap WeMints on Uniswap right now. WeMints (WEM) are based on the USD and supported by the fair value of NFTs.

2. Buy / Finance NFTs

When you buy an NFT on WeMints, you own the NFT plus you get WeMints coins. For every $1 spent you get 10 WeMints (WEM).

3. Sell / Finance NFTs

Upload your art, item or collectible. We'll mint and sell it as an NFT. You get advance payment in WeMints (WEM) coins instantly.

See what people are saying about WeMints

"I built up a portfolio worth $70,000 USD with WeMints, just by uploading my art. I'm still amazed how quickly it went. Now I'm keeping my WEM and just waiting for it to grow in value so I can buy my dream home!"
Rebecca Jackson
"Excellent way to market my work. I recommend WeMints to any one who wants to make things happen in the NFT world."
Max Beaulieu
"I tried selling my NFTs on different platforms, without success, on WEMINTS it just sells."
Amir Bakir
"Works for me. Pretty sure it'll work for you too."
Joshua Leonard
Dark Art - Healer