Need a Wallet?

You will need a crypto wallet to send, buy, trade and receive your tokens.

Step 1: Create a Wallet
Download MetaMask and create a wallet.

Step 2:  Open MetaMask and click Assets to see the tokens in your wallet.

Step 3 :Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Token.

Step 4: Click Custom Token.

Step 5:  Paste the contract address for WEMINTs (WEM) 0x6E1aDc61b843aAd33b1ff0d6F1ABaf2D49fB31a6 into the Token Contract Address

Step 6: Click Edit to change the Token Symbol.

Step 7: ClickEditto change the Token Symbol.

Step8:  Type in WEM and click Next.

Done! Now you can see your balance of WEM. Click Add Tokens to finish up.