Why WeMints (WEM) Crypto?

To prosper, we believe a crypto needs to have multiple catalysts and fundamental intrinsic value.

The Wemints crypto protocol incorporates:

  • Intrinsic Value
  • Extra Added Liquidity
  • Static Rewards (Reflection)
  • Manual Token Burns
  • Automatic Liquidity Pools

Intrinsic Value:
The market price of Wemints (WEM) is supported by demand and the value of NFTs.

Extra Added Liquidity
Every NFT sale is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

Static Rewards
The Wemints DeFi protocol is designed for growth. A 6% fee is levied on each token trade (after market) to incentivize holding rather than selling:
3% fee is redistributed to all existing holders
3% fee is split 50/50 … half of which is sold by the contract into ETH,
while the other half are paired automatically with ETH
and added as a liquidity pair on Uniswap.
Static rewards can solve 2 major problems associated with yield-farming.
1.The reward amount is conditional on the trade volume of the token, so the selling pressure of the token is reduced.
2.This mechanism is an incentive for users to continue holding their tokens,
thus collecting an even greater number of tokens, similarly to the way dividends work for stock holders.

Manual Burns
Many protocols use burns, and sometimes they can make a difference, but not always. Continuous automated burns tend to have a positive impact in the early days of the project, however the impact slowly loses its momentum since the burn can’t be controlled to maximize its impact. WeMints controls and times burns for maximum impact. Keeping community engagement high and maintaining transparency with continued performance reporting and tracking. WeMints has opted for a burn strategy that’s meant to be to the advantage of the community. Burns amd burn amounts are broadcasted regulary on our site.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)
We believe automatic LP provides two benefits to WeMints holders.
1. Our smart contract attracts tokens from buyers and sellers and adds them to the LP, thus creating a pricing floor
2. The 6% tax on Wemints sales acts as an stabilizing mechanism, inciting holders to maintains Wemints as a long term play, instead of a day trading play.

WeMints is a better cryptocoin designed for growth with solid intrinsic value built-in.